tip for when trying to figure out if a said celebrity nude is real: always remember that celebrities are rich as fuck and if you see a pic taken in a dirty ass college dorm mirror, it’s probably not who you think it is.

the selena ones just seem too easy to shop. i’m not sold.

ooo actually, i found another one of ariana grande that looks p convincing.

alright, just looked through all the nudes. the jennifer lawrence ones are def real, as are the kate upton ones. pretty sure the mckayla maroney ones are too. those were the ones i remember (aka the only important ones)

the selena gomez ones are fake. i can’t find any with an ariana grand face pic, so it’s inconclusive.

the jennifer lawrence nudes are still on the 4chan front page haha

how was your weekend, tumblr?

smh at the internet for these fake ass victoria justice nudes

my dro? the stickiest


seoul sunset from my floor

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