we had a great discussion on the celebrities of the 2000-2006 era

who is the guy featured in all those shaggy songs? did he get paid?

restaurants who only offer chips with their meals and make you pay extra for fries

*eyeballs roll the fuck out of my head*

tonight’s tv viewing:

family guy, american dad, rick and morty, naked and afraid, golden girls

no hockey, but still a decent selection

so much i wanna do this weekend

a lot of it involves eating food, being drunk, hockey and being on my couch

i was seriously only in class for 20 minutes today. what a waste.

too cold out for this bullshit

lift up the receiver, i'll make you a believer


I'm dominic. 21. illinois boy.

i'm a writer and i'm
as nasty as i wanna be -- don't mind me

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