we watched “crash” in class today and there were actually people who had never seen this film before


here’s something deep i’m willing to admit to y’all:

this girl that i liked when i was like 12, the sound that came on whenever she sent me a message on AIM was the first like, four notes or whatever of RHCP’s “zephyr” and that’s all that song ever reminds me of

at the bar last week, they played a hip-hop remix of RHCP “californication”

*fart noise*

and lets say dude did have a tiny wang, and homegirl still fucked w/ him. if they break up, you know the dick slander is coming. but would a dude talk that way about some titties? it wouldn’t make any goddamn sense.

maybe this is me talking out my ass, but i feel like a dude could be attracted to any girl, no matter the titty size. big, small, round, square, whatever, i’ll fuck w/ it, but would a girl fuck w/ a dude who’s packin a tiny dick? debatable.

it doesn’t always work, but if you ever instantly forget what you were about to do, just press ctrl-v

i hate that i have to write columns on monday because i work on tuesday so when i come into work at the health center on tuesday mornings, everyone in the office has already read my editorial.

extra pressure to make ‘em good

chief keef got dropped from interscope today. coulda told ya that one a year ago. wonder how much money this will cost him